Meet Pavitra Verma | Screenwriter, Director & Editor
April 11 2022
We had the good fortune of connecting with Pavitra Verma and we’ve shared our conversation below.
Hi Pavitra, is there something you can share with us that those outside of the industry might not be aware of?

With the film industry, I think it definitely has to be the amount of time it takes out of your life. Yes, it is a brilliant job to have and I personally love every minute of work! I’m also lucky that since I am a student, I am able to manage it well and can afford to have my life revolve around my education and career without feeling like I’m missing out on much. I think this is all much more evident when hearing from others who are settling down or have a family. Film crew have to work the hard yards to make ends meet, especially if you’re independent or a freelancer. It’s not always a 9-5 thing. Most of the times you’ve got to work odd hours of the day. With unionization working conditions have a bit more predictability, but even then you would be moving around from project to project with few breaks, while simultaneously working on your own passion projects. It requires a lot of commitment and personal sacrifices to make progress, so you have to be prepared to give your 200% each and every day.
Check Out Pavitra Verma’s Story
June 10 2021
Today we’d like to introduce you to Pavitra Verma.
Hi Pavitra, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.

"Hello! I’m 19 years old and a student writer-director and editor from India, born and raised in the UAE. I am currently pursuing a career in filmmaking in Los Angeles. I am also part of the young production house Saadhvish Films—a collective of diverse, award-winning filmmakers of all cohorts that work together to make original films that can both entertain and provoke thought towards social reform.
My interest in film developed more by making them than by watching them. I started by self-teaching myself video editing seven years ago, roughly at the age of thirteen on a laptop that felt like it outlived many generations of my family. After that, I was learning it formally in high school, where I practiced both commercial and creative techniques in cinematography and screenwriting. Stitching together something from your thoughts and sharing it with others to see their reactions was riveting. My decision to pursue it as a full-time career came a little late, but when I opened up the possibility, I could breathe a little better. I just couldn’t see myself do anything other than make, watch and discuss films of all kinds."
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